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Videos and Tutorials

More videos will soon be available on this page for the 2019 version of Church Secretary for Windows.  Check back often.

1 - Themes - This video shows how to change the colors, look and feel. (no audio)
2 - Installation - This short video shows you what the installation process looks like, and a few scenes of the installed program (no audio).
3 - Dashboard Samples - This video just pages through the dashboards.  You can create your own, but that's a different video (no audio).
4 - Adding a Family and Members - This video shows the process of adding Family and Member Records.  Narrated audio.
5 - Navigating the Program - This short videos just shows you how to navigate the many parts of the program.  Narrated audio.
6 - Contribution Summary and Dashboard - Contribution Summary is not per member, fund, etc. but just a quick Total per week.  (Audio)
7 - Modifying a copy of a Report - Using the Report Designer to modify a cloned report (Audio)
8 - Working with Date Filters and Mail Merge - This vides shows how to filter on the Current Month and print a Mail Merge (with Audio)
9 - Mail Merge Introduction - This video introduces the new mail merge features - this is a fairly long video (with Audio)
10 Create a Dashboard from Scratch - This video walks you through creating a dashboard on Attendance count only (with Audio)
11 Roles, Users and Permissions - This video shows the use of roles, using the Library user as an example (with Audio)

Copyright 2019  - Dennis Baggott
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