Classic Reports

Classic Reports

Classic Reports may be plain, but they meet most needs and can be easily exported to a variety of file formats.  You can also create your own reports more easily than with the modern style reports.

Modern Reports

Modern Style Reports

Some will consider the Modern Style reports more attractive.  They can be more difficult to use if you want to create your own reports.  Try them out.

Graphic Chart Style Reports

Graphic Reports Included

A picture can be worth 1000 words and Church Secretary for Windows include a variety of gaphic reports, dashboards, and more.

Date Range Selector

For Attendance and Contribution Reports it is common to filter on a range of dates.  This version makes that even easier.

Mail Merge Setup

Mail Merge - Easy to Use

Easily create reusable Mail Merge Templates.  Many uses.  A special kind of report. Launch from a grid to print for selected records.


Dashboard Reports

I find it easier to create charts using the Dashboard designer than the Chart Builder in the Report Designers.  Plus, dashboards can be made interactive easily.

Pivot Chart and Table

Analytical Reports - Pivot Data and Charts

For many files, like Contributions and Attendance it can be useful to analyze data with Pivot or Cross Tab tables and Charts.