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Please try the program for up to 30 days to be sure it meets your needs.  If you decide the program does meet your needs you can buy a church license for just $99.  - priced reduced 10/9/2019 - just $59.  

This is a perpetual license - not a subscription, it does not expire and it is not based on the number of members in your church or the number of users who will utilized the program, either logging in and out on the same computer, or networked on a LAN (Local Area Network).  If you are small church and have only one person who will be using the program you may install the program on a computer at the church office and another on your home computer.  Then copy the single database file back and forth using a USB stick.  

Licensed church staff will receive an email with a small text attachment that is their license file.  To remove the 30 day limitation just save that file to the same folder where you install the program.  When you restart the program you will no longer see the days remaining reminder message.

To place your order click this link to go to our registration service, BMT Micro, and place your order.
Copyright 2019  - Dennis Baggott
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