Try Church Secretary for Windows 2021 -  If the program meets your needs you can buy a perpetual license for $202.10 - odd number but it matches the year.  We are hoping 2021 will be a much better year than 2020 was for many.

This is not a subscription but a one time cost for a license for your church use.  There are no additional per user charges.  if you are a church secretary (or preacher) with no additional staff you may want to have the program installed at the church office and another copy installed on your home computer.  Your license allows that - and to keep data current between the two computers just copy one file back and forth.  No extra charges.

You can place your order here - the link will take you the order page at BMT Micro - a registration provider I have used for more years than I care to recall.  They do a great job and offer multiple payment options.  After I am notified of your order I will email you a small text file that you save to the folder on your computer where the program was installed.  Then, when you restart the program the trial period is over and you have perpetual license.

I hope you will find the price reasonable.  However, if you are from a small church that may not be able to easily afford that, use the Contact Form.  I will let you know if it is possible to get you a discounted version for just $100.  Think about this:  if you purchase a subscription for a Cloud based church management program for say $50 a month you will pay about $600 per year - every year.  That may be the best option for larger congregations but not for all churches.  Do the math, though.  Give Church Secretary for Windows 2021 a try for up to 30 days - you may like it.  I want your order, but not if the program is not what you wanted.  So try it first, then decide.