Some of the changes in this version are not that significant.  In some cases lookup tables have been replaced with predefined lists that you can edit using the Model Editor.  The default Navigation has been change to a Tree style rather than Accordion Style.  

Some table or grid view have been changed so that you can add or edit items without having to open the detail or record view.  There are many cases where the table only has one or a few columns and may be easier or more convenient to add or edit spreadsheet style.

Other changes are less significant and may not even be noticeable to anyone who used the most recent version (2019).

We hope you find this new version meets your needs.  If after evaluating the program for up to 30 days you decide you want to continue using the program you will need to buy a license to continue using the program.    After receiving notification of your order from BMT MIcro, our registration service, we will email you a text file - a license - to save in the same folder on your computer where the program is installed.  The next time you start the program you will no longer see the days remaining reminder.  The program is licensed on a Perpetual basis - that means forever.  You will not need to pay anything else as long as your church congregation is in existence.  This is not a per computer or per user license but a church license.  This means if you have installed the program on a computer at the church but want to on occasion work on the program from home using your personal computer your license permits that as well.  Just install the program on your computer at home, and save the license file to that computer in the installation folder.  To take the program data home you would copy the .mdb file from the work computer to a USB stick then take that USB Stick (thumb drive) home and copy that file to the data folder on your personal computer overwriting the existing file.  Repeat the process to take any updated data and put it back on your work computer.