One of the main differences in the Classic and Modern Reporting feature is the Report Wizard.  Editing an existing report is not that different, but let's look at using the Report Wizard to create a brand new report using the Classic designer.  The first step in the wizard is to give your report a name (this will be shown on the list to select a report so make it meaningful), select a Data Type - in this case Contributions. Finally choose the report type. The Choices is Standard and Labels.  Most of the time you will choose standard.

In the next step of the wizard you will choose the fields you want on the report.  Unlike the new style report wizard the fields will appear in the order you select them.  Top to bottom will be left to right on the report.

The next step in the wizard is to select an fields to group on. In this case we will group on date.  If you choose not to pick a grouping level on this screen you will have the option to create a Column style report as opposed to Tabular style report.  Column style is better for a record at a time report style.

When you group on a field you can easily add summary options like Sum, Avg, count and so on.  In this example we will calculate both a Sum (total) and Average contribution for the group - Contribution Date.

Next you have options such as Orientation of the report and other style type of choices.  In this case since I am only choosing a few fields I will choose Portrait Orientation and I will align to the left.

Next you choose color and fonts for the report.

When we click Finish we get to choose a Title that will appear on the first page of the report, unlike the name that will show on the Reports List.

Now the report will first come up in Design view as below.  Trust me, it may look good but in most cases you will have to do some work.  For example, the date format will include the time which is not really useful.  Some items may need to be resized.  So you will have to make change to those items to select the actual field in a table you want to display.

Notice the tool box on the left side.  At the bottom are Sorting and Grouping options.  Contribution Date grouping has already been set up but it is ascending, oldest dates first.  We will change to Descending so most recent dates will come first. Also we want to add Sorting by church member so I will add that.  Let's look at the report in Preview mode.

Now I need to edit the report so click back on the Designer button in the top right.

First I will change the date format to not show the time portion of that field.  I click the Tag for Contribution Date, then next to format string I click the ... (ellipsis)  

Now the date looks better but I want to add Member to sorting and change the Sort order for the Contribution Date.

Notice when I choose to add a Sort the Member name comes from a related table so I click the triangle to scroll and choose the field I want to sort on - Rather than Full Name, I could choose Last Name, then add a sort for First Name.  

I also want to change the abbreviation of Avg to spell it out as Average and change the label for Sum to Total.  Notice after double clicking a label field to edit I can also use the "handles" on the right and left to stretch the box to hold the additional letters.

So my preview now looks pretty good, next I will add parameters to the report can be filtered whenever I run the report.  

If you scroll to the bottom of the field list in the Report Designer you will find Parameters - click on it and choose Add Parameter.

We want to include the ability to choose members so when adding a Parameter we choose String and then choose allow multiple values.  On the left side we will choose a dynamic list as the Value Source.

After you click Finish you will be back at the parameters set up dialog.  Just choose the same items I have in the screen shot that follows.

Now if we run the Report right now we will be prompted to choose members, but the report won't filter on the selected members.  So let's now add the Report filter.