The ability to use a graphical model editor in order to customize Church Secretary for Windows 2021 is a powerful tool.  While some features are complicated, others are quite simple to use but can have a noticeable effect on the program.  So my advice is to keep a frequent backup copy of the file (model.xafml - located in the folder where the program is installed), just like you should keep backups of the database file (churchsecretary2021.mdb - located in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\db).  

The model editor can be accessed by the Admin account using the menu named Tools, Edit Model.  

The next few screen shots will show how you can use the Model Editor to customize the program. In the first example I will show the effect of changing the Navigation Style.

After changing the Navigation Style from TreeList to Accordion, the navigation looks like the below after saving the changes in the Model Editor and returning to the program.

A more complicated change you can make using the Model Editor is to the Predefined Lists used for some fields.  In the example below I want to change the list to add Young Adults to the drop down list.  NOTE:  You can already type values that don't exist in a drop down list, but by using the model editor any option you want to add will be available after saving changes.  

Separate values in the Predefined Values list with semicolons - ; and not space before or after the item(s) you add.

The added field will show up in order Left to Right = Top to Bottom.  See next screen shot where I have added Young Adult.