This included capability may save you some switching between a database or spreadsheet program and word processing program.  Several templates are provided and you can create your own.  I suggest Cloning an existing template and modifying that copy.  Now because this is the first time to introduce this feature there may be some limitations or anomalies (tech talk for bugs).  If you have any problem in using or creating mail merge templates please do not hesitate to email me with any comments or problems you can share.  I try with each new version to make improvements and I always try to be responsive to emails from licensed users as well as those just evaluating the program.

The list below shows the variety of templates provided.  You can sort this list view by Name or Data Type.  Double clicking an item in this view launches the template for editing of viewing.  

When you want to print a mail merged document you select it from the menu for the data type grid view you want to generate a letter or document from.  In the screen shot below I am editing a member record and highlight a record where that member was absent then I can choose the We Missed You Document template and preview and print it.

Similarly when viewing a grid you can select multiple rows (holding down the CTRL key while selected multiple rows in different places or the Shift Key while selecting several rows

one after another. Then select the Show in Document Option and the letter will be generated for all the records you selected.

So back to the list.  In some templates I included text that you might want to edit - for example if I have place holder text that says "Your Church Name" etc. you will want to replace that by typing over it with your actual church name, address and so on.  However, you may want to instead just delete the Church Name and Address and print documents on your own letterhead. Or you may want to spice up a plain looking document by adding clip art, using different fonts, and so on.  In fact in one provided template you see I have the document in Landscape instead of Portrait mode and formatted for two columns.  So there are quite a few things you can do with the new Mail Merge Templates.  NOTE:  Because the document template is so new there may be some issues (bugs) I may have missed.  Don't hesitate to email me if you find any problem.  Your comment or suggestion may help me improve the next version of Church Secretary for Windows.  One known issue is any time you close a template you will be prompted to Save the item even if you have made no changes.

So with the Mail Merge Templates list on the screen, click the Clone button and a copy of that report will be displayed.  We are going to first change the name of the report but leave the data type and template text unchanged right now.  After changing the Name we click Save and Close.

Next we will double click the new copy of this attendance report.  When we click inside the large Template box where the mix of field name and text is the tool bar buttons will change.

THe View Merged Data button switches between showing the field codes - place holders - and the actual field data.  We can type at this point and I am going to make room to type in Church Information and add a graphic at the top.

Above you can see I have typed in Church Information.  Clicking the View Merged Data button again just switches between viewing the field codes.  Since Now I want to get a little fancier, I click the editing Tab on the Tool Bar.  In the below I have added a graphic (this is under the Insert tool bar tab) added text for the Church Name and address and change the font for that part of the letter.  I also chose to Show the Paragraph marks so you can see that at the bottom of the page I inserted a page break.  Useful so when printing a document for many people a new page starts for each member in the merged document.

Now I can click back on the Merged Data button to see the completed template.  Then click the Home button and click Save and Close.  NOTE:  This new report will not show on the Show in Document drop down until I exit and restart the program.  I hope to correct this is in a future version.