This Details View of Church Library items let's you record a variety of information about each item in the inventory in your church library.  First, the Item Name which must be entered and must be unique is the Item Name. This may be the same as the Title of the item, but if you have multiple copies of the same book, CD, DVD etc. you can add Copy 1 of 3 or however many copies you have to be able to record all items.  The Title Name and Author are self explanatory.  The Status most often will be available or checked out.  The Location is where in the library the item is stored.  The cost, if any, is how much the church paid for the item.  Source may be donated by member, Amazon, etc. and the Media helps track what kind of item.  The Condition is also self explanatory.  The Subject may be useful in grouping items of similar topics.  The Summary field is variable length and can describe the item content.  Finally, you can store an image of the item you took with your camera and emailed to your self.  Right click in the Image area to Load an image file.  The grid beneath the Library item details is for the Library Loans related to each item.