This help file will help you to use Church Secretary for Windows 2021.  In addition to this file you will find videos on many components of Church Secretary for Windows 2021 on the web site at:  

Please evaluate the program for up to 30 days.  If you decide during your evaluation that the program meets your needs you will need to purchase a license for your church to continue using the program.  This license is Perpetual.  You will be able to then use the program on as many computers as you like - this may be multiple computers at your church, perhaps on the same local area network - or you in those cases where you have a single user of the program that may on occasion want to work on the program at home.  This person would need to copy the database file from the computer at church to a USB Stick and then copy to their home computer.  NOTE:  Registered users (those who have purchased a license) will receive a text file which would need to be copied to the program folder on each computer where they have installed the program.

Now, in addition to being a single cost per church, there are also no maintenance costs.  While technical support is limited to email, there are no charges for technical support.  In fact, unlike many companies you do not need to have purchased a church license in order to email me with any questions during the evaluation period. I will also provide an additional email address for licensed users of Church Secretary for Windows 2021 to help be double sure I receive their questions and can answer promptly.  It has been many years since I developed and offered for sale what at the time was called Church Secretary for Windows 32.  In all those years the most frequent compliments I have received has been for my prompt replies to emails.  

NOTE:  Please visit the web site where I will be posting many how to videos to help you understand and get the most out of Church Secretary for Windows 2021.

Bottom line is if you try the program and decide the program meets your needs you will only need to pay for a license 1 time - no hidden costs.  

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