This screen shows the details of Family record.The only actual required field on this screen is the Family name, however, you may want to record information in all the fields on this screen.  This can be helpful when printing a Family directory or content list.  The Member mailing addresses may not always be the same as the Family mailing address information.  For example, if a family member is attending college you may want to enter different mailing information.  While some congregations may want to just enter Member records without assigning them to a Family there advantages to using the Family records.  For example, rather than printing mailing labels for Members, you may find it more beneficial in some cases to print Family mailing labels  The Family record allows for including a family photo.  The program provides membership directories and family directory reports that can include member or family photos.  Just right click on the Family Photo area and choose Load from the pop up menu.

At the bottom of the screen is a grid with Members in the selected Family.  Click the New button on the bottom grid tool bar to create a new Member of this family.  

The Notes field in this version support Rich Text Formatting.  This would allow you to use multiple fonts and font styles, include hyper links and even pictures.