Dashboards are composed of 1 or more items that may include grids, pivot tables or charts of various types.  Some of the dashboards are interactive and provide ways to filter the data displayed.  You can export dashboard contents, for example to include an image in a Presentation to church members.  Although several Chart style reports are included in Church Secretary for Windows 2021 and you can create your own charts using the Report Designer, I think you will find it much easier to create attractive charts using the Dashboard Designer.

More than a dozen dashboards are providing covering many data types.  Launch a dashboard by double clicking the Name of the Dashboard.  This name is taken from the Title of the Dashboard.

Rather than edit an existing report in the Designer let's click the New button to create a new Dashboard from scratch.  When you click the New dashboard button you will first see the screen below.

Choose the bottom option in the list called XAF Object DataSource and click the Next button.

From the next screen choose the data type Expenses and click Finish.

Now we are at the designer screen.  Choose an item from the tool bar and then the data items list where we will drag and drop the items for the component appears.  Whatever we drag to the Value box will be the basis for the chart and then we customize it by adding Arguments and/or Series items.  Then we can use the other options to change the appearance of the item.

By dragging the contribution amount to Value and the Expense Name to the Series we get a chart like below.  If we had dropped the Expense Name on Argument the chart bars would all be the same color.

Now let's customize the chart a bit.  When we click the Chart icon next to the Amount item we get a menu with three tabs.  The last tab will let us customize point labels.

First we add Content, displaying the Value and Series Name.  Then we can change the position of the labels.  See the result next.

Suppose we change out mind and want a pie chart instead?   We just choose the Convert To option on the tool bar and choose Pie.  Once we choose this Option our Expense Type will be moved automatically from Argument to Series.  See next screen shot.

If we put Fund Name under Series instead of Arguments we would have multiple pies - one for each Fund.  Also note that when converted from Bar chart to Pie chart switched from the dollar amount to a Percentage.  We can easily change that.  Click on the Design Tab then from the drop down under data labels choose Argument, Value and Percent and the chart is changed accordingly.

Now if we don't change anything else our new Dashboard will just be listed with the Name - Dashboard.  We want something more descriptive and unique.  We also want to include the word Contributions so we know at a glance the Data Type our dashboard displays.  We just go back to the Tab labeled Home and click on the Title word on the Tool Bar and enter Contributions by Fund Pie Chart.  Then Click Save and we can close the dashboard.

Our new dashboard is now available on the list.  NOTE:  If you wind up with a row on the list with no Title, just select and click Delete.

For more about Dashboards check our web site for videos.