Church Secretary for Windows 2021 includes cross tab style reports with automatically created charts called Analysis.  You can create Cross Tab Style reports and Graphic Reports using the Report Designer and the Dashboard Designer also allows you to create graphical reports or charts.  However, the Analysis options are included since some may find them useful and even to use.

Unlike most reports and dashboards when you first select an existing Analysis you need to click the button that says Bind Analysis Data.

So in this example the screen will look like below until you Bind Analysis Data.  If you click on the Chart tab there will be no chart to see since no data has been selected.

Once you have bound the analysis to data you see the field names and data along the bottom of the table.  Drag fields from the top to the Bottom and the data will appear.

You can then click on the Chart Tab to see a graphic representation of the data you have selected.  The Tool Bar button will also change and you can see, for example, buttons to print the Pivot Grid or to Print the Chart.