There are many large church congregations and synagogues in this country and in fact around the world.  Church Secretary for Windows was not really designed for these large congregations with big budgets and sometimes quite a few people on the church staff working full time.  The original program, and every version developed, has had in mind the small to medium sized church.  Often users of Church Secretary for Windows are a single person, sometimes an unpaid volunteer who may only work for a few hours a week in the church office.  In fact, a few years ago I heard from a few customers who were actually the full time minister that also did the work of a Church Secretary.

The main goal in developing the program was to be an affordable, easy to use program that would make a hard job a little easier.  I have in the past provided a web based interface as an alternative.  This web interface could have been used in congregations that had a small local area network and would have made it easier for those on a network (including those that did not use a Microsoft Windows based computer) to connect to the same database and update the data without installing the program on each computer.  Others could have installed the program on a hosted web site to allow them to use the program from anywhere.  The problem is many did not have the technical knowledge (or inclination) to set up one of their computers as a web server, or did not feel comfortable with the member data being on the Internet, and so on.  So in this release the program is only being offered as a Microsoft Windows based application.

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