An Affordable Church Membership Management Program

Some programs are cheap but not very good.  Others are good but not very cheap.  The goal of Church Secretary for Windows has always been to provide a program that even small church staff can afford and yet enjoy good functionality.  Try it.

This program does not include certain features you may want.  Sorry, maybe in a future version but this release does not include IMPORT features and does not include full featured ACCOUNTING.  If you can do without those two things I hope CSW 2021 will meet most of your needs.  If not, no hard feelings.  I try.

This program is offered in a fully functional trial version for up to 30 days.  If you find it will meet the needs of your church you can purchase a Perpetual license with no additional costs to install the program on more than one computer or more than one user.  There are no "maintenance" costs. It is not a monthly subscription.  We have users that bought their license more than 10 years ago - they may check out new versions, but if they like the version they bought they don't have to upgrade.

Church Secretary for Windows Member Details

Easy Data Entry

You can easily enter data about families, individual members, contributions and expenses, attendance and more.  Link Members to Groups and Talents with a few clicks.


The wide variety of options that let you create reports, charts and interactive dashboards would only be expected in much more expensive programs.  Wow your church leaders at the next business meeting.


Software you might actually enjoy using. You can customize many aspects of the program, even changing the colors and backgrounds of the screen as often as you change your mind.

  1. Enter a Variety of Data - Enter data about Families, Members of those Families, Classes and Attendance, Contributions by Members, Groups and Talents.
  2. Search and Filter - Just as the program makes it easy to enter data, you can also easily find the data and Export the data, directly from Grids or from any of the reports.
  3. Reports - A variety of reports, dashboards and pivot tables/charts let you present data to members and church leadership in different ways.  Mail Merge makes it easy to create customizable letters.  Include Rich Text Formatting.