Getting Started

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Start by downloading a trial version from our website at

Next unzip or extract the files which will include a text file and an executable setup file.  Accept the default entries when installing the program.  Even if you will be installing the program on multiple computers on your church network you should install the program with defaults on each workstation.  You will have the change during installation to create shortcut on your desktop and to launch the program immediately after installing the program.  Each time you launch the program, it will connect to the Internet to see if you have activated the program (started the trial) and to also let you know how much time you have left to evaluate the program.  If you wait more than 30 days after activating the trial version you will not be able to use the program again without purchasing a registration key - a license to use the program perpetually without any trial limitation.  

Each time you start the program during the trial period you can see in red letters on the upper left of the screen how many days (or in this case hours) you have left to evaluate the program.  To continue using the program in trial mode just click the Continue Trial button at the bottom right part of the screen.  

Once you decide you like the program and want to purchase the program, you can click the Purchase button or go directly to this link to purchase your license.  You will then receive a license key from BMT Micro.  So you can then enter this key in the box labeled Enter the License Code: and click the Register button.  Once you have entered the license key and click the register button you will no longer be restricted on the days to try the program.  You will have a perpetual license to continue using the program.

NOTE:  In the screen below that is not a "real" registration key and will not remove the trial limitation.  If you purchase a license for your church you will receive a long key similar to that shown below and you would either type (or copy and paste) the license key you will receive from BMT Micro, our registration processing service.

The best way to start using the program is to begin adding Family and Member Information.  Since the program is not installed with sample family and member records, you will want to create some of your own data before attempting to print reports or use dashboards.  One reason to start by entering family information is this can speed up entering individual member records.  When adding a new Member record, selecting a Family Name from the drop down list will automatically fill in data such as address, city, state and zip code.

Setting up the program for use by muliple computers in your office connecting to a shared copy of the database:

Afterwards, copy the database file from c:\inetpub\wwwroo\db to a shared folder on your file server that each computer user can access with read/write permissions.  Finally, edit the config.file (named ChurchSecretaryForWindowsLite.exe.config - located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Church Secretary for Windows Lite 2017"  using Notepad or other plain text editing program and change the file location to your shared folder on your network.  The section of the config file to change is:

<add name="ConnectionString" connectionString="XpoProvider=SQLite;Data Source=c:\inetpub\wwwroot\db\cswlite.db3" />  

If you have problems setting the program for shared use on your LAN (Local Area Network) send an email to and I will try to get back to you promptly.