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Each family may have one or more members - and should have at least one member.  I suggest you start using the program by entering Family Information because this can help in entering Member Information more quickly.  For example, most family members will have the same mailing address, city and state and so on.  When adding a new member record, once you select the Family the address information will be entered for you based on the Family you selected.  The Family Information grid shown in the next screen shot allows you to sort the records displayed by clicking on any column header.  You can click on a column header and get a menu option to filter based on the values in that column.  Some fields are hyperlinked.  For example, you can click on an email address and your email program will be launched with that email address in the To field.  

You can right click on a column header to get an additional menu of options specific to Grid style screens.


When you choose the Column Chooser option you get a list of fields that are not in the grid and you can drag and drop these columns to the list.  You can also drag columns from the grid to this customization box to remove them from the grid. Another Grid option lets you show the Filter Editor.