This screen is used to add or update member information.  There are three Tabs along the top of the page for recording a variety of information about the member.  At the bottom of the screen there are 7 Tabs with grids displaying data from related tables that are linked to this person.  The only item required on this screen is the member's full name.  This field is used when entering other data throughout the program.  .  

To Add a Photo to a Member (or Family) record, right click inside the Photo square and a menu will pop up.  Choose Load and then browse to the location on your computer where the photo is stored.  

The second tab labeled Contact Info is for recording mailing address, phone numbers and email address for each member.

The third tab allows you to quickly enter a lot of information about each member.  The Member Type, Member Status and Marital Status fields should be self explanatory.  The Include In Mailing field and the Head of Household fields can be helpful in filtering data for reports and mailing labels.  A numeric field is provided if your church tracks member pledges and an Envelope Number field is provided for those that use Envelopes for member contributions.

The Important Dates tab will let you enter dates like Birth Date, Baptism Date and so On for the member.  The Groups tab let's you link Members to Groups.  The Contributions Tab will let you view or add contributions made by this member.  The Classes tab will let you view or link the member to Classes that he or she belongs to so you can print class rosters, etc.  The Attendance tab will let you view, add or edit class attendance records for the member.  The Talents Tab let's you view the Talents the member has or click the Link Button to assign the Member to Talents.  Finally, if your church allows members to borrow items from the Church Library, the Library Loans tab will let you launch the screen to record or update items loaned to the member or returned.

You can print a record of the Member Information with all related items easily.  Just click on the Triangle that points down in the upper left of the main screen and click on the Print Preview menu option.