Thank you for your interest in Church Secretary for Windows Lite, version 2017.  This is a slimmed down, less expensive version of Church Secretary for Windows but that may be all many churches need.

This help file will help you begin using the program and may be updated from time to time.  You can access this help file/web site from within the program at any time.  When you begin using the program you will see a screen like the on in this screen shot.  There is a navigation tree on the left side of the screen and a list or grid with member information on the right side of the screen. NOTE:  When you first install the program the list screens screens will be empty.  I am including sample data for the purpose of documentation.  Buttons at the top of the screen allow you to add New records, Delete the selected (highlighted) record, move forward or backward in the list, or in some cases to print a report based on the selected records.  There is also a button to "refresh" the list, useful when multiple users are accessing the same database on a local area network.  A text box is also provided to let you quickly search the grid of records.  You will also notice a menu with the words Home, View and Tools.  Also to the very left of the Home menu item is an icon with a drop down arrow. Clicking that arrow will show another helpful menu.

The drop down menu


Provides access to a variety of options.  From this menu you can choose to Add a New record, Clone (copy) the selected record, Print a quick screen full of information, or Export the data in a variety of output file formats.  

After the Home menu option, there is a View menu option and that allows you to access Navigation from a drop down rather than the Tree style navigation.

or change the Look and Feel of the program to suit your preferences.  When you click the lowest arrow button on the View window you will see a larger window showing the alternate views or themes available.

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